Massage in Oxford and Oxfordshire

For stress, headaches, RSI, frozen shoulder, knee or back pain, whiplash, strains, sprains, musculoskeletal, postural and sports-related conditions, why not let me help?

Finding the right massage treatment can be a bewildering experience, with a host of massage therapies on offer, ranging from the purely cosmetic to the 'miracle' cure. And when your condition is chronic or acute in nature, you need to be particularly confident that your chosen treatment is the right one for you. Let me see whether I can make it easier...

How massage can help: when your muscles and tendons become damaged or impaired, knotted, tense or immobile, I can provide a remedial treatment and massage therapy that is right for your needs. Whether the result of a medical condition, sports activity, accidental injury, stress or simply relaxation related, I draw upon a number of specialist techniques to locate and remedy damage, and support your body's own repair mechanisms.

'Remedial' is the critical word. This means that I treat the condition, not just the symptoms, to ensure the results are holistic in their effectiveness in bringing you back to your best. This is done through a series of massage treatments, some short and others long term, depending upon the condition. I employ deep- and soft-tissue massage therapies, along with stretching techniques and lifestyle advice.

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